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An Officiant Education Course

Get the tools and the confidence you need to create a timeless, organic, and personalized wedding ceremony!


Some of what you will learn on your journey to the altar...

        How to navigate the legal part; from signing licenses to the best organization to get ordained by.

        Preparing for the emotional role and creating a supportive calming space at the altar.

        Tools for working 1-on-1 with couples and getting the information you need to write organically.

        Walk through support as you write an engaging and truly memorable wedding ceremony.

        Particpating in and running a rehearsal like a BOSS! It's like hearding cats, but I can help.

        Tips on working with and creating positive experiences with other wedding professionals.

        Professional insight on naviagting a full ceremony experience and grand celebration!

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You Have a Genuine Desire to Serve.

And you want to make sure that your couple has the unforgettable ceremony they deserve!

Trust me, I completely understand. In 2015, when I performed my first wedding, I had never been to any wedding other than my own. I was jumping headfirst into an industry that was rooted in sacred moments and vulnerable connections. All I had was a heart filled with love, my spiritual practices, and a genuine desire to serve.

I knew this was the industry for me! But, no matter how hard I'd tried, there wasn't any mentor or support to guide me through the process and "show me the ropes." I had an idea of how I wanted to serve at the altar, but I just didn't have... a blueprint.

So, I spent the next (nearly) 6 years defining what it meant to serve at the wedding altar, to create a unique experience each time, and truly give an unforgettable wedding ceremony. And since you're here... I know those things are important for you too!

Your couple deserves all the love and experience you have to give. And you deserve the support and guidance that makes serving them feel fulfilling... Let me give you that guidance and support.

Meet Your Instructor,
LaToya Papillion-Herr.

There are lots of amazing bios, accolades, and successes in the wedding industry that I can share. But, this space is different. Journey to the Altar is the space where we will explore the in's and out's of performing a wedding ceremony and truly connecting with the process. This space was created because I genuinely believe that couples deserve loving, authentic, and experienced support at the wedding altar.

And let's face it, the more guidance and support we have (as the officiants) the better we can be for our couples.

Journey to the Altar is that support and guidance. I stepped into this industry on faith, that my dedication and lessons learned would guide me to serve exactly as my heart had called. And they did!

Now, I get to share the systems, knowledge, and processes that I've learned with officiants that share my same desire to serve.


I help new (and seasoned) wedding officiants gain the tools and the confidence they need to creat memorable, engaging, and truly personalized experiences at the wedding altar (and beyond)!

To learn about some of my features as an Officiant and Pre-Marital Coach, see my weddings, or connect one-on-one you can visit me here. To learn more about me as an entrepreneur and author you can read more here.

The first session of this highly anticipated officiant education course will be an Introductory Enrollment.

What does that mean?!

That means that attendance in our first session, Fall '21, will only be open to the officiants (and upcoming officiants) on our waitlist.

Introductory Enrollment participants will also recieve special introductory pricing, lifetime access to all live videos, one-on-one support, and highlighted feedback on the course.

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Get Started Today.

LaToya is a premiere wedding officiant and pre-marital coach that is wildly known for her loving personality, boisterous laughter, and magical presence at the altar. Her dedication to celebrating authentic moments has allowed her to serve couples, with diverse backgrounds, from all over the world. In her course, The Altar Experience, she takes novel officiants along the journey of preparing for the role, finding their own style at the altar, and creating unforgettable ceremonies!

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