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5 Wedding Ceremony Trends We Love!

Since the 19th-century weddings have become more focused on the couples' love (rather than property and religion), and the wedding industry has been consistently evolving with fascinating trends that keep it an exciting and anticipated event! From the ceremony entrance to the first dance, these trends infuse the wedding with personality, unforgettable moments, and loving traditions. Whether you have 2 guests or 200, these are the memories that stand out through the years.

So, if you're planning your big day and need some inspiration to add excitement to your wedding ceremony, here are five wedding ceremony trends we love!

Secret Handshakes Before the "1st Kiss"

Recently, we’ve seen many couples slipping special handshakes into their ceremony, and there is nothing more adorable! A secret handshake shows better than tells that the couple are more than just lovers but also best friends (which is a testament to successful marriage).

A special handshake is a nod to your bond, shared experiences, and joyful beginnings. If you and your partner don’t already have a special handshake, you can both share ideas and practice until you find one that feels natural to you.

Working together on creating a special handshake is also a great way to bond during the hustle and bustle of wedding planning!

Dance Routine Ceremony Entrance

A dance routine entrance will bring an excitable energy into the ceremony and set the tone reception! You and/or your partner coming down the wedding aisle with a stellar performance will get your guests hyped up for the celebration. It’s also a great way to make your wedding day unique to you and fun for them.

To plan a dance routine, choose a song you both enjoy and opt for fun dance moves that won’t exhaust you or get you sweaty! Our team suggests planning 6 to 9 months in advance and practicing in similar attire as your wedding clothes. An upbeat song that your guests can also sing along to during your performance would elevate the entire experience.

Vows That Show Personality

Another wedding ceremony trend we love is self-written vows that brim with personality! You don’t have to fit your expression of love and commitment to your partner into a box of what other couples have done before you.

Your vows are more than just words that go in the middle of your ceremony. They are scared promises that you are giving and moments you are sharing with someone that means the most to you. Get creative, use your love story, and connect with what this wedding means to you.

Every marriage is different; therefore your vows will be different too. The originality will bring out the heart of your vows. So don’t be afraid to be funny; use inside jokes, use your nicknames for each other, and make your exchange of vows unique!

Honoring Parents With a Flower

Many couples consider having a moment of silence or a place to honor the family that has transitioned, but in 2022 we saw quite a few couples celebrating family present at the wedding! Viral TikTok videos and endless Google searches are bringing the age-old tradition of honoring parents at the wedding, back to the surface. This trend began as a way to acknowledge the parents for the sacrifices and love that have made their children the people they now are.

So, if you want to take a moment to celebrate the special people in your life, during the ceremony, consider a Rose Ceremony at the wedding. If either you or your partner will have a bouquet, you can make it even sweeter by pulling a flower from the bouquet and giving one to each mother, as your officiant shares special words about the meaning of family. Alternatively, you could give them a flower as you walk down the aisle.

This will definitely bring a smile–and maybe a tear–to your parent’s faces!

Reversed Unplugged Ceremony

We all know the purpose of an unplugged ceremony! Gone are the days of weddings where guests are holding out their phones into the aisle, ruining the perfect shot with the flash on their cameras, or having their phones ring out during the ceremony. As more and more couples began making the request for an unplugged ceremony, we began to see the development of the reverse unplugged ceremony. If you've never heard of a reverse unplugged ceremony, you're going to love this!

This is when the officiant announces the unplugged ceremony but promises to "plug it back in" at the end (typically after the first kiss), so guests can get a photo of the couple at the altar. Having a reversed unplugged wedding would be a great way to share your special moment with the guests and get content to share with people beyond those on your guest list!

These five trends, either individually or combined, are sure to make your big day a memorable one. For more wedding ceremony ideas, from openings to ritual, check out Laughter at the Altar!


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