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Updated: Aug 22

I think it'd be remise to start sharing my take on weddings without knowing a little about who I am, what I do, and why I have an opinion on weddings in the first place. So let's knock out the small talk...

Who I am

My name is LaToya Papillion-Herr. I am a professional wedding officiant, pre-marital coach, and entrepreneur. I stepped (more like dove headfirst) into the wedding industry after the supreme court passed the Marriage Equality Act in 2015. I'd been self-employed since 2009 through various ventures and services (from jewelry boutique owner and artist manager to spiritual advisor and ritualist), so it felt fairly natural to shift gears.

My family and I had recently relocated and a friend said, "You should perform weddings! You do other rituals, why not that one?" And honestly, my first thought was, "I cannot perform weddings when it's still technically illegal for families like mine." So, that was that and I didn't think about it again. But bbaabbeeeyyyy... when that law passed through the Supreme Court it was ON and I haven't looked back. You can learn more about my journey as an officiant over at Waning Moon Weddings.

What I do

As a professional wedding officiant, I perform wedding ceremonies that center the couple's altar experience and unique union. Well, in more or less words. That doesn't fully talk about building our connection before then, pre-marital coaching (when they opt for that), writing personalized ceremonies for each couple, performing rituals, the emotional stuff, etc. I perform weddings full-time. It's what I do, it's what I love, it's how I serve.

Why I have an opinion

When I started in the wedding industry... there was no representation for how I wanted to show up as a wedding minister. Everything was traditional (white, heteronormative, and religious). Of course, there were spaces like Offbeat Bride, A Practical Wedding, etc that show the amazing spectrum of wedding ideas. But no WEDDING MINISTERS were giving what I felt was missing. Yes, friends and family had begun to perform weddings but that avenue failed to offer the professional insight and support that so many couples need.

So, I navigated this industry by spirit and learned on the go. Making mistakes, building relationships, asking questions, adding my own magic, and pushing the envelope. And honestly, I am still doing all of those things but with significantly more direction. This blog is an ode to my big bold opinions, mystical insight, and heart-centered dynamic of the wedding industry.

If all of that intrigues you... Welcome, my friend! I'm happy to have you here and hope that you gain a few new tools to use during your experience at the wedding altar.

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